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Schweizer Magnifiers

SCHWEIZER LED illuminated handheld magnifiers

SCHWEIZER started producing magnifiers in Germany in 1945 and from then on has continuously added new and innovative products to its product portfolio. The company produces visual aids that focus on the intended use and meet the requirements of visually impaired people while featuring a stylish design.

At home or on the go, for hobbies, leisure, and at work: SCHWEIZER magnification and visual aids for multiple applications improve the quality of everyday life.

Magnifiers are one of the traditional aids to improve vision, and for this reason, they are a preferred solution for visually impaired people. They are used for reading, in cases of reduced visual acuity, or to see details more clearly in hobbies or leisure activities.

Illuminated magnifiers combine such an enlarged image with the advantages of optimised lighting. Individually tested light temperatures improve contrast vision and, thus visual acuity. Modern illuminated magnifiers are mainly battery-operated.

One of the latest innovations in this field uses wireless charging, which eliminates the need to replace batteries.

Schweizer ERGO-Lux i mobil
Brand: Schweizer Model: ERGO-Lux i mobil
Ultimate convenience by using wireless power ERGO-Lux i mobil LED illuminated hand magnifierERGO-Lux i mobil - the lifestyle magnifier with inductive charging. In addition to 2 brightness levels and a choice of 3 light temperatures, the key advantage of this new magnifier lies in its wireless chargi..
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